Mid-Season Kings of the Mountain Awards

Hey everybody, thanks for checking out the blog.

I write a weekly Mountain West column for my buddy Kyle Kensing’s blog The weekly feature is titled “On Mountain High” because, well, that’s what Kyle called it week one when the column was first posted.
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Welcome to Twining’s Take on the News

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. If you live on planet earth and inhabit this great country I like to call America, then you know it is a crazy world we live in.

Therefore, I am here to provide commentary on the top news stories of the day, week or month – it all depends on how much I decide to write – and fill you in on what really matters.

Living in Pacific Beach, I have a daily 30-minute commute to-and-from work in Carlsbad and listen to a lot of talk radio. My station of choice is KFI AM 640 out of Los Angeles. With so many unique personalities, I hear a lot of opinions about a bevy of news topics. Naturally, I have an opinion as well.

And that is why Twining’s Take on the News presents the perfect opportunity to inform you, the reader, what I deem important or necessary to know and understand to navigate the journey of the “real world.” Feel free to express your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Just as I love to express my opinions, I love conversation and hearing others’ as well.
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