Mid-Season Kings of the Mountain Awards

Hey everybody, thanks for checking out the blog.

I write a weekly Mountain West column for my buddy Kyle Kensing’s blog The weekly feature is titled “On Mountain High” because, well, that’s what Kyle called it week one when the column was first posted.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Mountain West Conference, nor was I ever been growing up. But that’s is what makes this column so perfect, I don’t really have any previous alliance to the teams. That being said, I am always a fan of the underdog, and in recent years I’ve grown very fond of the Boise State Broncos.

The Mountain West, in football at least, represents somewhat of an underdog – the non-BCS conference boasting the top non-BCS talent. I was presented with the opportunity to expand my horizons and write about the Mountain West weekly and I’ve relished the opportunity so far.

It is week nine in college football and while that is not necessarily the half-way point of the season, each of the eight teams in the conference have completed six games. Since most teams only play 12 or 13 in a season, not counting bowl games, I’d consider this as close as we’ll get to a half-way point.

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Clipped from On Mountain High - Mid-Season Kings of the Mountain


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