SD Entertainer: Hey everybody, ‘In Living Color’ is back

I wrote a post today for the San Diego Entertainer about the old Fox show ‘In Living Color.’ Apparently, now it is becoming the new Fox show as Fox plans to air two 30-minute specials in spring 2012 to coincide with the network’s 25th anniversary. If all goes as planned, the show will be a success and it will return to the air full-time.

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Kim Kardashian files for div-whore-ce

Money money money moooney…..MONEY!

Anybody seen The Apprentice? If so, you’ll hopefully recognize the opening line of this post as being from the theme song to Donald Trump’s NBC reality show. When I first heard news that Kim Kardashian was filing for divorce, the first thing that came to mind is “that money-grubbing whore.” Please excuse my language.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian, drowning in a sea of money following their 72-day "Marriage"

If you don’t agree, let me elaborate.

First, everybody in the entire world, including Kris Humphries, knew that this “marriage” wouldn’t last. There’s an old Southwest Airlines “Wanna get Away” commercial where this woman says to her friend at a wedding, right as the music stops, “I tell ya, it’ll never last.” I felt like that’s what everybody was saying the moment Humpries decided to propose… and then during the wedding planning… and then during the “fairytale” wedding… and then during the honeymoon… come to think about it, did anyone anywhere actually believe this was going to last? At this point can we believe any celebrity wedding is going to last?
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