SD Entertainer: Hey everybody, ‘In Living Color’ is back

I wrote a post today for the San Diego Entertainer about the old Fox show ‘In Living Color.’ Apparently, now it is becoming the new Fox show as Fox plans to air two 30-minute specials in spring 2012 to coincide with the network’s 25th anniversary. If all goes as planned, the show will be a success and it will return to the air full-time.

I must admit, I was never a fan of ‘In Living Color.’ That could be because it aired from 1990-1994 and I was between 3- and 7-years-old when it was on TV regularly, but who will ever know. That being said, I can say that I have seen a few re-runs, mostly on BET, and it doesn’t really seem like my cup of tea.

Saturday Night Live is about the only sketch comedy show I can stand to watch – especially with Frank TV off the air. I was never a fan of MadTV as the shows characters always seemed over-the-top and annoying. From what I’ve seen,the same could be said about ‘In Living Color,’ – maybe that’s the point. I do think that Jim Carrey, or James Carrey as he was known then, was funny at times but it wasn’t often enough for me to stay tuned in to an episode for very long.

Therefore, if and when ‘In Living Color’ does return to the Fox airwaves full-time I probably won’t watch. But, that doesn’t mean all of you won’t either. Which is why I wrote this great piece to inform you all of its return to Fox.

In Living Color returns to the air after 18 years. The question is, does anybody care?


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