About Twining’s Take

I started Twining’s Take back in January 2010 when I was a columnist for my college newspaper – The Western Front. After a sports career that ended with four years of collegiate football, I felt like my sports opinions were good enough to share with others and a college sports column offered the perfect opportunity. After one quarter of Twining’s Take, I joined forces with another writer for a dueling column – Fanalysis, sports opinion from a fan’s perspective. Each week I would write a column on one side of a sports issue and my teammate would write on the other side of the issue.

My personal blog is one that has taken quite a few efforts to fully get off the ground. After moving to San Diego back in November 2010, I wrote a couple columns about the Seahawks’ famous playoff run (7-9 division champ, beat the Saints at home in wild card round) which can be found here: http://twiningstake.blogspot.com/. It obviously didn’t go so well since I moved over to the WordPress blog you see here back in November of 2011. After a two years hiatus, and a small attempt at starting a Tumblr blog: http://twiningstake.tumblr.com/, I am back to the WordPress template and hopefully will begin a semi-consistent posting schedule.

Thanks for reading and if you’re feeling up for it, please share or post a comment my posts. Nothing like hashing it out in the comments section.


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